Resin for Faucet and Fittings

GENESTAR™ for water supply application

GENESTAR™ is a high performance polyamide with high strength and low water absorption.

We expect you to improve crack and water leakage with GENESTAR™.


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What you can find
・Solutions to problems 
・Advantages of GENESTAR™



Quality and function from automotive industry

GENESTAR™ is used in the top model of coolant control systems in many automotive global makers.

Next, we will contribute to water supply systems in house with our high performance product and knowledge.

Coolant control valve
>Zero flash with forced extraction
Electric controlled thermostat valve
>Waterproof by laser welding
Quick connector for fuel line
>High barrier and strength for crack




Water supply application of GENESTAR™

GENESTAR™ offers our proposal to below applications.

In hot water and under high water pressure, GENESTAR™ strongly shows its performance.


Please find our proposals in developer page.

Bathroom valve
Shower part
Water heater
Under floor fittings
Toilet part
Water purifier
Water meter
Pump part

Faucet and Fittings

Value to use GENESTAR™

GENESTAR faucet application

Mechanical strength

Strong to water pressure

Crack by water pressure happens water leakage. You can make stronger product with GENESTAR™.

Dimensional stability 

Assure accurate size in water

Dimensional change by water absorption can be a cause of water leakage. You can make higher quality products with GENESTAR™.


Solution to problems

GENESTAR™ can solve problems in faucet with its advantages of material.

GENESTAR faucet application
Water leakage by material dimensional change
>Dimensional stability
GENESTAR faucet application
Housing crack by water pressure
Housing crack by frozen water
GENESTAR faucet application
Cost reduction of material
>Low specific gravity
GENESTAR faucet application
Finding second source of material
>Reliable supply
Flash of molding part
>Forced extraction






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